Generate additional income, on existing investments.

Equity Math, a Mumbai-based research firm, focused on generating ideas to trade in Option Spreads. These ideas can be executed using existing investments as non-cash margin. Therefore, Equity Math's research can help clients' generate returns on existing long-term investments.

Ideas to supplement portfolio return 
Ring fencing risk -- key to long-term survival
Generate alpha consistently in any market condition
Why Equity Math ?
Our clients generate additional income on existing investments using Options Spreads in the Nifty and Top 16 stocks. This allows our clients to divide the burden of compounding between (i) Long-Only Equity Portfolio; and (ii) trading in Option Spreads.

Equity Math gives professional guidance to its clients on how to create this structure and facilitates seamless execution of these ideas.

Equity Math's conservative approach allows our clients to consider applying these ideas -- initially to a certain portion of their capital and easily scale up to apply to entire capital allocated to Equity and Debt investments in their demat account.
Our Services..

Nifty Trend

We can guide you whether to be a Bull or Bear at Current Market Price with clear exit points


Create AAA grade equity portfolio out of Top 16 equities and generate min 6% annuity per annum 

FREE! Coaching on
Option instruments

Learn about Index Options and Stock Options -- how they work and how to use them correctly


If you are an importer or an exporter and US$ exposure, we can guide on zero cost hedging

Consultation on
3rd party PMS/AIF 

We give FREE consultation on deciding the correct PMS/AIF suitable to your risk profile

Our USPs

track record

Our Nifty views have a track record of very high accuracy since 2015 as seen in F&O columns in news dailies across Gujarat

Views based
on Live! data 

Our views are based purely on Live! data received from the derivatives segment of the NSE

Risk Reward

We educate our clients on how to trade on our Nifty view using Options -- to get higher reward for every ₹ of risk they take


We steepen the learning curve of our clients via regular webinars on current events impacting markets, so they focus only on what's important 

Top 16 - Create AAA grade equity portfolio using our criteria
The company should be rank 1 or Rank 2 in the industry that it operates in.
The company should be a heavy-weight in the Nifty 50 index. (Note that the Top 16 account for 75% weight in the Nifty) 
The company should have liquidity in Stock Options in the F&O segment on NSE.
Additional income
on existing portfolio
You can generate additional returns using our view-based guidance in Nifty. 
For a FREE consultation on how to do this without making fresh investment, get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of this web page.
Target customers 

Direct Equity Investors

Client Profile

Investors who manage their own portfolio in direct equities.

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Equity MF investors

Client Profile

Investors who invest in equity mutual funds via SIP or lumpsum and are holding the same in their demat.

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Debt MF investors

Client Profile

Investor who have parked their money for earning fixed income holding Debt MF in their demat.

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About the Founder
Shshank has over 10 years of experience in India Equity Markets. During his tenure with various brokerage firms and portfolio managers, he was able to build data analytical skills to gauge short-term market direction.

His expertise in gauging direction in Nifty has received applaud from fellow colleagues and market participants. Since 2015, he is an F&O columnist with newspapers like Nav Gujarat Samay and The Economic Times, Gujarat edition also regularly contribute views on equity market in news dailies and other print media. 

His current mission is to guide traders, investors and institutional dealers via his daily view-based guidance on Nifty during market hours, twice a day.

Shshank is a B.Com from Narsee Monjee and a PGDBM from NMIMS, Mumbai.
"Controlling risk is key to survival, when you are in the business of making money by betting on market outcomes --  Option Spreads help you to do just that."
Shshank Mehta

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