Manage your portfolio of listed equities by appointing one or more PMs we represent.

We are sebi-registered PMS distributor for 4 out of the 150+ PMS operating n India

We have shortlisted one PM for each category large cap, large-to-mid cap, multi cap, thematic

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Framework for selecting a PM

Equity Math's framework for selecting SEBI registered Portfolio Managers

Need for a PM (Portfolio Manager) ?

There is no buy and forget in this neo world, there is rather an appoint and forget. You need to appoint a SEBI-registered PM and follow his lead.

We need to keep a track of developments and do a quarterly review of the portfolio after every earnings season.

There is no do-it-yourself (DIY) in stock market. You will need a professional to manage your portfolio of listed equities. Our shortlisted PMs are not just knee-deep, they are neck or even nose deep in what he is doing. They are doing this 24x7 from last 15-20 years.

Wealth creation cannot happen by making random investments in listed equities. It depends on which companies you own and how long do you own them. Appointing one or more PMs we represent will improve your odds of doing that.

Portfolio Manager Rajesh Kothari, Alfa Accurate Advisors with Shshank Mehta, Equity Math

Rajesh Kothari

AlfAccurate Advisors

Appoint Alf Accurate Advisors to manage a 50 stock portfolio of leaders in oligopolies to get the highest risk-adjusted return

  • 26 years of exposure to India equities
  • Risk management – primary focus
  • 45-48 stock portfolio
  • Focus on risk-adjusted returns
  • Minimum 60% exposure to large Cap
  • Invest only in Leaders in Oligopolies, provided annual profit is >₹100 cr
  • Portfolio skewed towards Growth stocks
Portfolio Manager Miten Mehta, Bellwether with Shshank Mehta, Equity Math

Miten Mehta

Bellwether Capital

Appoint Bellwether Capital to manage a portfolio of 10-14 stocks, with a skew towards today’s mid-cap tomorrow’s large cap

  • 32 years of exposure to India equities
  • Investment boutique with the scalability and expertise of a major investment house (600 cos. under coverage)
  • 10-14 stock portfolio
  • Focus on performance with lower drawdowns
  • Flexi cap with a skew towards mid and large cap
  • Co. management’s execution ability is key
  • Bridge gap between investment objective and risk profile via custom portfolios
Portfolio Manager Ravi Dharamshi, Value Quest with Shshank Mehta Equity Math

Ravi Dharamshi

ValueQuest Investment Advisor

Appoint ValueQuest Investment Advisor to manage a multi-cap but concentrated portfolio of 8-12 stocks about to change scale

  • 22 years of exposure to India equities
  • Mentored by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
  • 8-12 stock portfolio
  • Focus on absolute size of the opportunity
  • Exposire to small, mid and large Cap
  • Invest only when companies are about to change scale
  • Annual profit of Cos, should be > ₹100cr
Portfolio Manager Hemant Patel, Alder Capital with Shshank Mehta Equity Math

Hemant Patel

Alder Capital

Appoint Alder Capital if you want to participate in the India Consumption Story of the next 20 years

  • 21 years of exposure to India equities
  • 20% portfolio into consumer tech
  • 18-20 stock portfolio
  • Focus sub-sectors within the consumption theme
  • Exposure to small, mid and large Cap
  • Invest only in B2C cos. from a list super 70 based on proprietary research
  • The only PMS in India focused solely on B2C consumption businesses
Shshank Mehta, Founder of Equity Math

Shshank Mehta

Equity Math

Shshank is a graduate from Narsee Monjee College, Mumbai and post-graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai.14 years of exposure to Indian equities, starting as research analyst to moving into sales and CRM

  • 3 years work experience as a Sales and CRM director with a sebi-registered PM (Care Portfolio Managers)
  • 7 years work experience in managing broking relationships with focus on delivery based investment and trading
  • 4 years work experience in research support to proprietary trading and investment desks

Shshank is well-networked across market intermediaries. His current clientele consists primarily of individuals (resident and NRIs) and a few corporates. He is focused on distant gratification -- no upfront fees, no set-up nor consultation fees

Frequently Asked Question

Why appoint PM via Equity Math?

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Single-point of contact across PMs. In day-to-day touch with all PMs. Perform diligent CRM function. Available on-demand for case-to-case discussion and portfolio review.

Does Equity Math charge additional fees for its services?

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No, we do not charge any additional fees and are cost neutral to clients / investors we serve. We are gratified by the PMs we represent

Is there any up-front fees or set-up fees to set-up a PMS with any of the PM that Equity Math represents?

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No, there are no set-up fees or up-front fees.

Can NRIs invest in PMS?

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Yes, NRIs can invest via NRE or NRO account. There is no repatriation limit in NRE and there is a limit of $1 mn or ₹7.5 crore per year in NRO

Why minimum ticket size is ₹50 lakhs in PMS?

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This is as per SEBI norms. However, one can also allocate existing investment (in listed equities) of ₹50 lakhs or a combination of existing investment and fresh funds.

Why not choose a fin-tech platform to invest in portfolio of listed equities?

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No personalization. No CRM. No on-demand case-to-case discussion. No individual portfolio review. No customization. Difficult to build conviction on the PM, which is the cornerstone of the wealth creation process.

Why PMS and why not MF?

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Personalized service and regular CRM builds conviction on the PM. This is most important for longevity in the relationship and for follow-on buying.

Why PMS and not Index fund or ETF?

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The idea to appoint a PM is generate alpha over the benchmark index and related passive funds. This alpha generation is a function of no. of companies in the portfolio and timely entry and exit. Both of which are managed in actively managed vehicle like PMS.

Shift your burden of compounding wealth to PM with 20+ years of exposure to Indian equities, engaged in single-line of business.

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PMS Fees remain the same wheather client selects PM directly or via Equity Math