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Context: Using demat value as non-cash margin
Background: Investors who want to use Nifty Options to generate additional cash flows on existing investments

Recently, a lot of smart investors are engaging in Nifty Option Writing and Trading ideas. The benefit is that for doing this you do not require fresh investment. These investors generate additional returns anywhere in the range of 9-12% p.a. Our daily view-based guidance on Nifty can help in decision making.

We also conduct FREE! webinars and 1-to-1 zoom sessions to coach investors on Nifty Option instruments, How they work and What combinations can investors use and generate 9-12% p.a. of additional cash flows.

We also encourage our clients to do covered call writing in our recommended Top 16 equities. The same will be bought in cash segment and can again be used for Writing Nifty Options. Remember, no Nifty strategy which will make money unless you have a view on the Nifty index.

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