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Context: Executing orders for Institutional clients or in-house Fund Managers
Background: Nifty daily view can help beat the VWAP while buying or selling a frontline stock 

Institutional dealers are under constant stress to beat the VWAP and are often judged by their ability to read market direction while executing Buy and Sell orders for buy-side clients (in case of a sell-side broker) and for in-house Fund Managers (in case of buy-side guys).

We provide view-based guidance on Nifty twice a day (10.00 am and 3.00 pm) that can help dealers decide to accelerate or decelerate the speed in which they are to accumulate or distribute the order at hand. 

Remember, our views are based on live! data received from the exchange and not on any historical chart patterns nor or any news or fundamental cause and effect studies.

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